WutomiAgri is a center for life.
Here, young people learn entrepreneurship.
With the resources of the earth, we are creating life through agriculture in Mozambique.

In some places in the world, it can be difficult to see hope.
The potential for sustainable agriculture seems obvious in Mozambique, yet unemployment is towering. Young people do not have a tradition of entrepreneurship, but they yearn for education.

The WutomiAgri agriculture and entrepreneurship center is located near Xai-Xai, in the Mozambique. The name is a combination of the local language, Shangana, and the official language, Portuguese – and is loosely translated as “Life through Agriculture”.

With “learning by doing”, we enable young farmers to do business, take the lead in local communities, and make independent and vital choices for their lives and faith.

Each year, the center has 10 to 16 students of both sexes
and ages of 18 to 30 years old.

They learn simple, straightforward, and optimized production methods. These skills come mainly through practical work, where they are also exceptionally trained in planning, budgeting, sales and marketing conditions.

The students come from different villages in the Gaza province, so that their knowledge – despite a few individuals – can be spread over a larger area. They live at the school, where they receive training in hygiene, health, and nutrition. They are also encouraged to challenge each other in their faith and purpose of life and the family.

The students are accompanied on home visits during their stay.
We want this to equip them to become good players in the development of their communities. Later the school provides counseling at home in the villages.

When young Mozambicans not only read and hear – but experience – what works, they understand. Combined with tremendous willpower and desire to improve, this understanding can create miracles. And we already see former students building up promising small businesses.

WutomiAgri has, from the very beginning, had a strong focus on being a Mozambican project – to be in the best position of taking sustainable roots in the local society.

Organization and history

WutomiAgri is a collaboration between Associação WutomiAgri – Mozambique and Assist – Denmark.
In Denmark the vision came from Lisbet and Kurt Terp, and Assist sent them out in 2009 to initiate. Together with good people from their new network in Mozambique, they began finding land, legalization, constructing, buying and installation of electricity, well drilling, composing curriculum, hiring staff, and recruiting students.

In 2011 the association of WutomiAgri was founded in Mozambique, and it is the supreme authority of the centre of agriculture and entrepreneurship in Chicumbane, Gaza.

Solid values
  • High degree of agricultural know-how.
  • Long term planning.
  • Democratic leadership and a clear organizational frame with the liberty for free actions.
Soft values
  • Christian, biblical values with loving one’s neighbor being a high priority.
  • Educational approach to schooling – mutual recognition and the belief in the person.
  • Social awareness – understanding of synergy, teamwork and cooperatives.